Skyvision – Bitrix24 Integration with WordPress

Inital stage

Clarifying requierments and approach choice

On this project our client was the biggest company that offers adventures on the Bulgarian market. Interesting part is that most of the thrills are sold as present vouchers and are sold entirely online. Client was in need of a full-scaled CRM solution to automate a great deal of the work done on a single order. Also they needed a newly designed website to be developed. A decision was made to use Bitrix24 as the CRM serving as a back-end for a heavily customized WordPress front-end.

Analyzing business processes

Developing a full featured plan for the work needed

A CI team was sent in the clients office to take a full snapshot of the working processes and the system that they currently had. A need for management and automation was needed in almost every aspect of the work.

Site development and integration

Customizing wordpress to communicate with Bitrix

As adventures sold on the site had to be a heavily configurable products and the whole process of buying had many custom features, we decided to code the store from scratch inside the WordPress framework . The products are dynamically pulled from BItrix via the REST API, and are entirely manageable in the Bitrix portal

Managing Clients

Using Bitrix to put all client communication into one place

Using Bitrix's tools we imported all the up-to-date data with Skyvision's clients from their old database. We created a contact item for each client in this way all future communication will be stored in the clients profile and is easy to summarize. The existing phone system was connected via the included in Bitrix sip connector, all incoming mails were integrated also into the CRM. Via the open channels we gave also the opportunity to include all other communications like Site chat, Viber, Facebook messenger. In this way operators do not need to open anyithing but the Bitrix portal to communicate to everyone.

The Deal

Genrating deals and leads from order data

As the client's wish was to have an as simple as possible ordering process, we decided not to incorporate client login as Bitrix can associate every deal to its contact by the client personal data like phone and Email. Every order on the site generates Lead and Deal consisting of all the needed information. Deal items in CRM were adjusted with custom fields to fit the needed data. A sophisticated business process is automatically started on the particular deal and is responsible for all tasks that need to be done by the operators.

The buisness process

Automating workflow

Preparing an order from start to finish consists of many mini-tasks that have to be uptaken in the most precise way, so every client gets exactly what has ordered. Business process starts on every deal and creates the series of simple tasks. Every task is made to be as simple as possible and consists of instruction of completing it and a confirmation. In this way managers know exactly who did what, at what time, how long did it take and every part of the work done on a single order can be checked at a later review. Tasks include work on the greeting in the gift vouchers, client addresses, documentation sent to delivery company, control of payment status. All these are done automatically by the custom coded business process and operators are just verifying info where needed. Having every bit of work packed into simple tasks has huge advantages like - low learning curve for new employees, ease of usage and lower stress levels as every task can be reviewed at later point and be revised.

Buisness reports and anlyses

Stats for everything

Bitrix gives a sophisticated set of tools with which company can watch closely everything that is happening - financial reports, order trends, clients satisfaction, work done by employees. Statistics are exportable and are shown in a very comprehensive way.

Events claendar

Bookings system

As adventures have to be actually experienced, clients needed a place to make reservations. So we wrote a full scaled reservations system based on the built-in bitrix events. Subcontractors are able to control free slots and bookings. Everything ( emails, slots, availabilty ) during the booking is controlled by a business process.